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Swinging the Shoulders

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By Darell Mckissick

Each year old man winter forces most of us to put our clubs away for a couple of months. For most golfers, this is just wasted time. But you can really improve your golf without touching a club.

You can do this by working out a little bit. No need to join a gym or anything. Just doing pushups and deep knee bends will help you hit the ball farther and straighter if you are not currently working out.

You can even do isometric exercises (pushing against immobile objects) and significantly increase your strength. Or you can buy a cheap weight bench and a small set of weights.

Most people stay far away from the gym because of the amount of work they think it requires. But I promise if you just do two exercises, the bench press and squat, you will see great benefits.

If you don't know about those two exercises just do a Google search for "working out" or "bodybuilding" and you will find the details. Once you understand what the exercises do, then find a way to do them on immovable objects instead of using weights and you will get maximum benefit for minimum effort.

For the bench press, you will need to find a way to exert the maximum force when the arms are almost fully extended. That is the most powerful position and the one that will benefit every muscle in your upper body.

For the squat, you should also push against the immoveable object while you are in the strongest position. That is, when your legs are nearly straight.

For isometric exercises, all that is required to achieve the full benefits of a regular weight training workout is about 10 seconds of exerting your maximum force. And all it takes is once.

Further, you only have to do them once a week to benefit. Not 20 minutes a day, three times a week.

If you really want to improve your strength, hit the ball farther, and feel better in general, look into isometrics. Find a place where you can do the two exercises as described above and invest twenty seconds a week.

When spring rolls around you will be stronger and longer for your trouble.




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